Jeremy T.

Jeremy T.


"I went into Living Waters without any understanding about why I lived in a pattern of self-destruction. I had no boundaries, made poor choices concerning all my relationships, and struggled with addictive behaviors. I knew that without significant healing I would stay in the same boundary-less and abusive relationships. Within weeks of starting the class, I began to see the root causes of the painful choices I was making, and by the end of the program, I was a totally different person.”

“When I finished Living Waters, I felt as though I had just been saved, despite having been saved for the previous fifteen years. The power in the group confession, prayer ministry, and teaching changed the way I thought about my life. I have been empowered to make healthy choices that lead me to a productive life. I was able to work through my addictive behaviors and have been walking in greater freedom for the last six years. I am forever grateful. I thank God whenever I think of Living Waters and my time in the program. Going through the Living Waters program saved my life and my marriage.”

“I wanted to be able to receive greater freedom in the way that I relate to other people. The Living Waters program gave me tools for working through life in prayer and with other people, face to face. Today, I’m learning how to connect with people in meaningful and healthy ways.”

“One of the most valuable tools that I learned from Living Waters is to have other people in my life who really know who I am and who can call me higher in my walk with the Lord. Living Waters helped me to realize that sanctification is a process and holiness is a lifestyle. I’m learning to let Christ be the goal of my life. The Living Waters program served as a map to help me navigate towards Him.”

“Today, more than ever, I believe that I’m not inherently bad. I thought that I was bad and that God was displeased with me. Now I believe that He loves me and has made me righteous through His Son, and that one day, by His grace, I will be a wonderful husband and father.”