is an open, Christ-centered support group for men and women seeking truth and grace in their sexuality and relationships.  CrossCurrent points us to the hope we share in Christ!  No matter how broken or hopeless we may feel God upholds us in hope. His love never fails!  Each meeting includes worship, prayer and teachings.  The eight teachings that make up CrossCurrent include topics like Getting Real: Jesus and the True Self, Getting Healed: How Jesus on the Cross Bears our Wounds, Becoming Secure in the Father’s Love and Beyond Brokenness.

How do I start a group?

Anyone can start a group by ordering the CrossCurrent booklet but we strongly encourage you to attend an upcoming Living Waters training first. CrossCurrent was originally designed as an introduction to the Living Waters program and is based on the same principles. Click here for training information.

For more information email or call 866-359-0500.