Leadership Training

If you would like to start a healing group within your local church or strengthen an existing Living Waters group in your area you should come to our next training!

Why get trained?

The Leadership Training Seminar equips men and women for effective ministry to the sexually and relationally broken and is required to be a group coordinator.

How am I trained?

Participants are trained through a combination of large group teaching, ministry sessions and small groups. The main emphasis of the training will be greater personal healing for you. Through healing prayer, we invite the Holy Spirit to mend our various wounds. As we enter into the healing process together, we learn how to heal others.

What is taught?

Teachings will be on a variety of issues such as:

  • Effective Prayer Ministry
  • Understanding and Praying for the Healing of Sexual Abuse
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Restoring Boundaries
  • The Roots of Our Brokenness
  • Becoming Responsive to the Father’s Love
  • The Cross and Confession
  • Releasing Living Waters and CrossCurrent into the Local Church
  • Restoring Honor to Men and Women
  • Listening for the Healing Word
  • Renouncing Idols
  • Forgiveness

Participants will become familiar with the Living Waters program and its 20 lessons in the Living Waters: Restoring Relational Integrity through the Broken Body of Christ guidebook.

Who should come to a training?

Living Waters Trainings are for men and women seeking to start a healing group in their local church or strengthen an existing group in your area. If you are in leadership, whether in healing ministry, an existing group or in a pastoral position you are encouraged to apply.

As one who will be leading others through a healing process it is expected that you have entered into your own process of healing and found freedom and growth in Christ-centered relationships.  Those still bound by compulsive behaviors are discouraged from applying.

Here's what others are saying about Living Waters...

I can’t begin to say what a gift it was to go to the Living Waters Training in PA. In my role as the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development at Bridgetown Church Portland I am keenly aware of the profound need for healing that leads to an integrated life. At the LW Training, I was able to experience an integrated and unexpected healing on a deeply personal level. Through the small group time, confession, the robust theological and practical content, and the gift of inner healing prayer I was able to enter into more of who it is that Jesus has both created and called me to be specifically as a woman in his Kingdom. In the Living Waters program there is an undeniable call to fidelity to Jesus at all costs and at the same time there is an abundance of grace for the brokenness that each of us carry. ~Bethany Allen, Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development, Bridgetown Church Portland

Twelve years ago, I was a new Christian who needed freedom from sexual addiction and clarity about God's best for me in my same-sex attraction.  Living Waters was a place for me to receive what I needed from Jesus.  Now, as a pastor at a young evangelical church, Living Waters is providing that same hope and healing to this generation, who needs the redemption that only Jesus can bring about in their bodies, sexuality, and relationships.
  ~Andrew Franklin, Pastor at Mosaic Church, Eastside Seattle

As a bishop I am grateful to Andrew Comiskey and the staff of Desert Stream Ministries for developing the Living Waters program to equip the Church and all of her communities with the tools they need to help their members who struggle with sexual and relational brokenness.  Living Waters offers a practical, Catholic-friendly approach to the pastoral care of people who experience same-sex attraction, gender identity issues, relational brokenness and other personal challenges that keep them from experiencing the joy and integrity that spring forth from the virtue of Christian chastity.  I wholeheartedly encourage Catholic pastors and pastoral ministers to prayerfully consider using the Living Waters program in their respective dioceses and parishes. ~Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas

The Living Waters Training is a much needed practical and pastoral counterpart to the brilliant insights and wisdom of Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body.  It provided the opportunity for me, personally, to grow and to heal in unexpected ways.  I would love to see this small group model for growth in chastity and healthy relating planted throughout the Catholic Church. ~Christopher West, President of Theology of the Body Institute

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When are the Trainings?  What is the cost?

Fees listed below include meals, accommodations, and seminar materials, except where noted:

Malibu Canyon, CA - November 13th - 19th, 2021: 
      Cabin: $899.00** per person (cabin style, limited availability, participants must bring their own sleeping bag, pillow, and towel )
      Shared: $1,249.00** per person (hotel style, double occupancy)
      Private: $1,549.00** per person (hotel style, limited availability)

**The total registration fee includes a non-refundable $100.00 application deposit. An additional $100.00 late fee will be added to the above totals after October 8th, 2021

Additional CA Training Registration Info

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Living Waters Training in partnership with the Theology of the Body Institute, Quarryville, PA
January 30 - February 4, 2022: 
"Sexual Integration and Redemption"

$1250.00 per person (Double room, training materials and all meals included)
 Additional PA Training Registration Info

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For more information, please send an email to us at:  dgreer@desertstream.org