General Questions:

What does Desert Stream Ministries do?

Can someone speak at my event?

Who were some of the key influences for Desert Stream Ministries?

May I speak or pray with Andrew? Will he personally read my email? Can I set up an interview?

What is Living Waters?

Group Related Questions:

Can I buy one of your books to use with my church, small group, etc?

Why are your groups only run under the covering of a local church?

Are your programs for men and women?

Is Living Waters just for people with same-sex attraction?

Why are many of your groups closed?

Can you tell me about your small groups?

How are you different than AA / SA / NA and other 12-Step groups?

Can you help my child or friend who is under 18?

Why do costs differ by location?

I want to start a group; what should I do?

Ecumenical Questions:

What is ecumenism?

I heard Andrew Comiskey became Catholic?

Are Andrew and Annette still happily married?

If I’m Catholic, can I attend a Living Waters at an evangelical church and vice-versa?

Same-Sex Attraction Related Questions:

My son, daughter or friend just told me they have same-sex attraction. How should I respond?

Are you an ex-gay ministry?

Is this reparative therapy?

Other Questions:

I was looking on the internet and read that a former Desert Stream/Living Waters leader had abused a couple of teenagers. Is this true?

What is the difference between Desert Stream/Living Waters and Living Waters Global?

What does Andrew say about the dissolution of Exodus?