General Questions:

What Does Desert Stream / Living Waters Ministries Do?

Can Someone Speak At My Event?

Who Were Some of The Key Influences of Desert Stream/Living Waters?

May I Speak or Pray With Andrew? Will He personally Read My Email? Can I Set Up An Interview?

Foundational Questions:

Why Is The Cross Mentioned So Much?

Isn’t Confessing My Sin To Jesus Enough?

Group Related Questions:

Can I Buy One of Your Books To Use with My Church, Small Group, etc?

Why Are Your Groups Only Run Under The Covering of A Local Church?

Are Your Programs For Men And Women?

Why Are Many of Your Groups Closed?

Can You Tell Me About Your Small Groups?

How Are You Different Than AA / SA / NA And Other 12-Step Groups?

Can You Help My Child or Friend Who Is Under 18?

Why Do Costs Differ By Location?

I Want To Start A Group What Should I do?

Catholic Questions:

I Heard Andrew Comiskey Became Catholic?

Are Andrew and Annette Still Happily Married?

Are Living Waters and Other Desert Stream Programs Catholic Now?

Same-Sex Attraction Related Questions:

My Son, Daughter or Friend Just Told Me They Have Same-Sex Attraction. How Should I Respond?

Is Living Waters Just For People Who Are Trying To Overcome Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction?

Are You An Ex-Gay Ministry?

Is This Reparative Therapy?

Other Questions:

I Was Looking On The Internet and Read That a DSM/LW Leader Had Abused a Couple of Teenagers. Is This True?

What Is The Difference Between Desert Stream/Living Waters and Living Waters Global?

What Does Andrew Say About The Demise of Exodus?