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Cost: $18.00
CHANGED is a compilation of inspirational stories of men and women who have come out of homosexuality. Read their experiences of transformation through the love of Jesus. Inside, find insight into the real pain of homosexuality as well as the hope and freedom that lies beyond it.

Beauty And The Breach

Cost: $10.00
Marriage is the most important relationship on earth. Its brokenness damages all involved; its healing releases wholeness for generations to come. Beauty and the Breach provides a sound and clear group format for couples seeking to work out their healing together. This booklet is designed to be used with other couples although it a helpful resource for any couple desiring to deepen their marriage.

Beauty and the Breach Leaders Guide

Cost: $6.00
This guide is a helpful resource if you want to lead a Beauty and the Breach group. It provides many items to consider before getting started as well as running a group. Each week is broken down with class and homework assignments.

Becoming Good News

Cost: $5.00
Loved ones and friends exploring alternate sexual identities invite us into a deeper conversion. Jesus pours out His mercy on us. We cannot change anyone but we can be changed. And in our prayers, we can ask to become compelling witnesses for the wounded and confused.

Created for Love

Cost: $14.00
Jesus declared that love would be the basis of our witness to the world. Today, the greatest threat to the spiritual health and witness of this generation is confusion, misconceptions, and compromise regarding love. What is love, and what does it mean to demonstrate love in our more intimate and important relationships? What part do our bodies and gender play in how we define and live out love? In using his background of identification in the LGBT community, as well as drawing from over 10 years of ministry experience, Andrew revisits the gospel to see how it speaks into the loaded topics of sex, gender, and relationships. As he does so, he invites us to see these areas not as issues to take a stand on, but as part of our common humanity that Jesus can use to awaken in us a love that is truly supernatural.


Cost: $10.00
CrossCurrent is designed for use in an open, Christ-centered support group for those beginning to seek grace and truth in their sexuality and relationships. It provides a starting point for those on the brink of discovering Jesus, so they would receive Him. CrossCurrent also addresses, in teaching and prayer, how we can receive His Lordship (and healing) in our sexuality and relationships. CrossCurrent provides an excellent group format for churches and ministries wanting to reach out to the sexually and relationally broken just beginning their healing journey.

Falling Forward

Cost: $25.00
Falling Forward reaffirms the truth that Christ is both able and willing to set the captives free from sexual addiction. This book is written to bring freedom to people who find themselves trapped in the bondage of habitual sexual sin. The book explores the cycle of addiction, root causes, triggers, and actions. Falling Forward is used for individual study, small group study, or as the text for Falling Forward. NOTE The book is PRINT ON DEMAND and it is offered in a 3 HOLE BINDER.

Falling Forward - Leader Guide

Cost: $10.00
Falling Forward reaffirms the truth that Christ is both able and willing to set the captives free from sexual addiction. The book explores the cycle of addiction, root causes, triggers, and actions. This leaders guide is designed to help lead small groups and compliment the Falling Forward Guidebook by Craig Lockwood.

Growing Leaders

Cost: $7.00
This helpful booklet identifies the urgent need for wounded healers to become people of influence in the church and the culture. This booklet highlights how to stand with integrity amid personal pressure and personal weakness. This resource is a great tool to recruit others in your church to build your healing team.

Healing Prayers

Cost: $10.00
This is a treasured favorite by many people who work in the world of ministering the love and grace of God to the sexually and relationally broken. Filled with over 67 prayers from Andrew Comiskey and Leanne Payne, this is truly a tool you want in your belt for yourself and others you are ministering to.

Hope For Freedom

Cost: $14.00
Dana shares her journey to freedom from emotional addiction and the lesbian lifestyle. She transparently recounts the traumatic events she experienced, as well as the decisions she made that created a life of hopelessness and despair. But, she doesn't stop there. Dana shares the steps she and God took to restore the life He originally designed for her and how you can too. This book not only offers insights to those seeking freedom, but also to the friends and family who are affected. She guides you on how you can best love someone on the journey even before they know they are on it. Dana's heart is for you to know that God's pursuit is relentless. Hope For Freedom will help you gain a deeper revelation of His love and how He longs for you to experience abundant life.

Listening Prayer

Cost: $13.00
Listening Prayer is an excellent book written for those who wish to deepen their relationship with Jesus through prayer. The authors clearly explain listening prayer in a manner that invites people into the subject rather than create fear or doubt about one's ability to actually hear God. Topics discussed include blocks against hearing God, counseling with listening prayer, Jesus as the listener, and the effects of sin on our ability to hear God's voice for others and ourselves. Learning how to listen and hear the voice of God is explained through scripture and personal stories. Listening Prayer is very encouraging and helpful for those wanting to increase their ability to listen to God.

Listening Prayer Leaders Guide

Cost: $6.00
This is a guide to help teach Listening Prayer to groups. You will find questions designed to help you think and pray through each chapter.

Living Stones: How to Restore Sexual Sinners

Cost: $7.00
Sin has the power to devastate the fabric of a community by blowing a hole in its integrity, holiness and trustworthiness. Sexual sin reverberates throughout a Christian community. Its impact lingers as those affected seek to reorient themselves to Jesus. Living Stones: How to Restore Sexual Sinners lays a thorough yet simple plan for restoration. This book is a necessary resource for pastors, para-church ministers and lay leaders.

Men Pursuing Purity (PDF)

Cost: $3.00
Pornography, lust and more serious forms of addiction are destroying men, their marriages, and their lives. The result: godly men are being lost to the darkness. Men Pursuing Purity, by Ron Citlau, is an eight-week booklet, designed for men who desire real sexual purity. Centered on community, confession and the healing power of the cross, men get free, gain the tools to stay free, and gain vision to live lives of holy purpose and power. A great small-group format to introduce to your church, men’s group, or anywhere men desire to live in purity.

Naked Surrender: Coming Home to our True Sexuality

Cost: $13.00
Jesus sees our bodies as our temples, houses where He wants to live. No matter what we've done sexually or what's been done to us, Jesus can reclaim us and make us His own. Whole. Restored. Pure. Naked Surrender helps you see how deeply Jesus loves you and how He brings clarity, healing and restoration to your sexual identity. Naked Surrender answers questions such as: How do I embrace my sexuality as a gift from God? How can I become sober and stay free from sexual idols? How can I become comfortable in my body? How do I love others as good gifts whether I am single or married? Andrew writes "God cares about what goes on in the temple. He created the body and sexuality for holy purposes. His destiny for humanity involves our bodies!" Naked Surrender reveals Jesus' authority to heal and restore.

Open to Life: How Jesus Transforms Persons with Same-Sex Attraction

Cost: $10.00
Open to Life: How Jesus Transforms Persons with Same-Sex Attraction offers hope for persons seeking Jesus amid same-sex attraction (SSA); it also offers understanding for persons seeking to support friends with SSA. This booklet is written for all who believe that the Church is the healing community.

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness

Cost: $13.00
Pursuing Sexual Wholeness is full of practical insights and scriptural support for anyone seeking to understand sexual brokenness and the pursuit of sexual wholeness in Christ. Andrew writes of his own commitment to overcome homosexuality in his own life and also looks at the lives of others who have made the same choices as he did in pursuing healing for same-sex attraction.

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness Workbook

Cost: $20.00
This workbook accompanies "Pursuing Sexual Wholeness" and is a great aid for those who are far away from a healing group.

SOULutions (PDF)

Cost: $0.00
This is a great healing resource for teens.

Strength in Weakness

Cost: $13.00
Telling real-life stories of despair, hope and lasting change, Andrew lays out the foundations for healing from relational and sexual sin. Chapters focus on particular areas of vulnerability for men and women, on the battle over homosexuality in church and culture, and on the essential role of the church in ongoing healing. Help and hope for men . . . undermined by silent fathers harassed by pornography and sexual temptation afraid of failing those they love most angered by past relationships with women Help and hope for women . . . lost in their relationships with others betrayed by fathers, husbands or male leaders wounded by sexual assault paralyzed by self-hatred Andrew sees our weakness as "a threshold for holy power"--the point at which God can meet us for healing and equip us for service. He has seen it happen again and again. During many years of ministry, Andrew, his wife, Annette, and their fellow "strugglers" have accompanied hundreds of wounded men and women to transformation at the cross of Christ. Telling real-life stories of despair, hope and lasting change, he lays out the foundations for healing from relational and sexual sin. With chapters focusing on particular areas of vulnerability for men and women, on the battle over homosexuality in church and culture, and on the essential role of the church in ongoing healing, Strength in Weakness makes clear the way to the cross--God's sufficient answer to our deepest needs.

The Call to Leadership: with mp3s

Cost: $35.00
The Call to Leadership is designed especially for those who are called to minister to the sexually and relationally broken. This eight-lesson series is sent to you in mp3 format, and you will also receive a book of the teaching outlines and supplementary articles. This insightful series will help you and your ministry teams deepen your reliance upon Jesus as the source of life and ministry.

The Kingdom of God & the Homosexual

Cost: $10.00
This booklet is an amazing resource for pastors, lay ministers and those just wanting more understanding for those struggling with same-sex attraction and their pursuit of freedom. It is a very helpful tool, helping the reader to understand homosexuality and how best to respond with grace and truth in the local church body.

We Will Not Give Up (CD)

Cost: $Free with any order
Songs of Worship and Warfare with Christopher Greco

Where Do I Go From Here (PDF)

Cost: $3.00
This book is available only as a PDF. Annette takes 25 years of ministry experience and answers the questions that wives ask as they walk through the difficult journey of dealing with their husband's sexual brokenness. Her timely booklet covers such topics as roots of his struggle, restoring trust, forgiveness, separation and divorce. With practical wisdom, Annette illuminates the road of healing and gives the reader fresh hope.

Why I Don't Call Myself Gay

Cost: $16.00
Daniel Mattson once believed he was gay. Raised in a Christian family, and aware of attractions to other boys at age six, Mattson's life was marked by constant turmoil between his faith in God and his sexual attractions. Finding the conflict between his sexual desires and the teaching of his church too great, he assumed he was gay, turned his back on God, and began a relationship with another man. Yet freedom and happiness remained elusive until he discovered Christ and his true identity. In this frank memoir, Mattson chronicles his journey to and from a gay identity, finding peace in his true identity, as a man, made in the image and likeness of God. Part autobiography, part philosophy of life, and part a practical guide in living chastely, the book draws lessons from Mattson's search for inner freedom and integrity, sharing wisdom from his failures and successes. His life-long search for happiness and peace comes full circle in his realization that, above all else, what is true about him is that he is a beloved son of God, loved into existence by God, created for happiness in this life and the next. Mattson's book is for anyone who has ever wondered who he is, why he is here, and, in the face of suffering, where to find joy, happiness, and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Woman at the Well Pdf

Cost: $3.00
Women at the Well is a guide for women seeking relational integrity. This book helps women face relational idolatry. It shows how the love of Jesus heals and frees women to pursue whole relationships and His purposes for their lives. Covering topics such as intimacy, purity, forgiveness and freedom, each chapter also contains journal questions and personal testimonies. This book can be used individually or in a small group format.