Annette Comiskey

Annette Comiskey

Annette Comiskey

Associate Director

I have been working with Andy since the beginning of Desert Stream Ministries in 1980.  We were married in 1981 in Hermosa Beach, California. Both native Californians we moved to Kansas City in 2005.  Our four children are now grown: Gregory, Nick, Katie and Sam.

I am most in my “element” spending time with my kids (including three amazing daughters-in-law, Christina, Meghan and Chelsea), our grandkids (Luke and Elizabeth in heaven and Jacob, Camille, Lily, Tommy, Charlie and Anna here on earth) and being with our dogs Joni, Judy and Terri. I also love worshipping at St. Aidan’s Anglican Church Kansas City.

Having ministered to wives, family members and those who are seeking healing for their own areas of personal wounding and sin, I see how God loves to bring healing to his sons and daughters.  Having received much healing from sexual abuse in my own life, I am privileged to be used by Him to bring His gifts of grace and mercy to those who seek healing in their lives.

I am increasingly aware of the decay of the moral culture in our churches.  Issues and behaviors that were unacceptable 20 years ago are now embraced as normal. But I also believe more than ever in the power of the Lord to bring renewal and restoration to those who call upon His name!

After 40+ years of ministry I still marvel at the amazing people who labor alongside of Andy and I.  Whether giving their time or financial support (many do both!), these wonderful folks give much grace to us in the challenge of ministry.