Amber Wheeler

Amber Wheeler

Amber Wheeler

Office Manager

I am no stranger to need. But for many years I denied and suppressed it. There seemed to be no space to reveal my need or my brokenness, especially in the church. Pain stemming from childhood/ teen sexual abuse completely overwhelmed me at times and no one knew how to handle it, including me.

As time passed, old coping mechanisms no longer helped. I had not worked through my deeper conflicts.

In 2019, I was reluctantly introduced to Living Waters; my “yes” to the Lord was skeptical and guarded.  Though I encountered ones who mercifully offered a path to the cross—and the One who could heal such deep hurts;  beginning down this path was difficult and stirred up more pain and inner turmoil than I knew what to do with.  The Lord, rich in mercy kept calling me deeper into participation of Living Waters where more and more of my pain, rejection, and defenses were brought to His cross.  He began helping me whole heartedly say yes and open to receive His and others' love.

My personal transformation is what led me to come on staff at Desert Stream. I have a heart for people to experience the Lord and His mercies in the deepest places of their being—especially the places we think too deep or fractured for Him to heal.  He “shows up and shows out” with His love and mercy, no matter our history of pain or need, our cultural or church background.  I'm grateful to be a part of bringing this gift to the Church.  We are in need! After all, that's why He came. I now, more readily, rejoice in my neediness, and the ways it helps offer a path for others to our Savior. 

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