Marco Casanova

Marco Casanova

Marco Casanova

Associate Director

Desert Stream Ministries has changed the trajectory of my life. Andrew Comiskey gave a heartbeat to John Paul II's Theology of the Body for me. In my experience of same-sex attraction, I needed an inspired and grounded vision for sexual integration. Living Waters became my roadmap.

I grew up in Houston, TX and was raised in a loving family. Desiring to be a Catholic priest, I entered St. Charles Seminary in Philadelphia.

The moral divide was deep in me. I lived a duplicitous life, acting out homosexually while a seminarian. Good seminary formators helped me realize my identity and trajectory, and accompanied me in my repentance unto chastity.

Eight and half years into priestly formation, I encountered the work of Desert Stream and the Living Waters Leadership Training. I was chaste and ready for a vision for marriage and family. I left the seminary and joined Desert Stream as an intern.

Now as Associate Director, I oversee Living Waters USA and work closely with Andrew Comiskey as his successor.  

Jesus redeems my broken sexuality, and frees me to dignify and love woman as the man I am. Living Waters envisioned me to learn how to love a woman well. 

I met my lovely wife, Ania, through Living Waters in Poland. We married in December 2022 in Wadowice. 

The Church is the ground for our healing, and I'm eager to equip and empower the lay faithful in cultivating healing groups for the sexually and relationally broken. Ania and I are parishioners of St. Peter's Parish in Brookside, MO where we worship God and serve His people.

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