Katie Comiskey

Katie Comiskey

Katie Comiskey

Living Waters USA Assistant Director

As a Comiskey, I’ve been acquainted with Living Waters for most of my life, but it wasn’t until 14 years ago that I went through my first Living Waters group at a local church here in Kansas City. For me, like for many, Living Waters was a life-changing experience. And after time away for post-graduate studies, I joined a Living Waters leadership team as an assistant small-group leader. Since then, over the past eight years, I have served in various capacities on several Living Waters teams throughout the Kansas City area.

Living Waters transformed my life in multiple ways. First, it gave me both a lens to understand my self-hatred sourced in my feelings of gender inadequacy and the means to overcome this stronghold in my life. I learned that I was a good gift not because of worldly accolades but because of the perfect gift of Christ on the Cross, whose death and resurrection spoke a word far more true and real about me than any lies spoken over my femininity. 

Living Waters also gave me a community in which to work out this truth. I met a group of like-minded individuals who knew me in both my strengths and weaknesses, who pointed me to Christ and His cross whenever I lost sight of them in my old, familiar ways. Through Living Waters, I learned that my becoming the good gift I was created to be necessitates a community where I am known fully in the light. 

The way the body of Christ served me in my weakness has roused in me a desire to serve her where she is weak. My goal as a Living Waters leader is to help prepare the Bride for her Bridegroom. The Lord is returning to His pure and spotless Bride, and Living Waters has been given the glorious honor to help make her ready. I want to be a mediator of mercy to broken ones in my community so that they too can become conduits of mercy to those around them. In such a way, the Bride becomes even more radiant. 

In June 2023, after seven years as a teacher, I left the classroom and joined the Desert Stream staff as the Assistant Director to Living Waters USA (such a pithy title!). I work alongside Marco Casanova, and our vision is to see Living Waters flowing throughout the United States. I also coordinate a Living Waters group at a Catholic church in Missouri, the first catholic church in the area to host Living Waters. My life, both personally and professionally, is defined by Living Waters. What a glorious flood!