Our family needs wisdom because my 13yo daughter has just informed us that she no longer identifies as female and is a lesbian. Please pray that she would be drawn to God's truth and would find her identity in Him alone.
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I’m 66 a Christian for 53 years who’s struggled with SSA off and on since age 14. Divorced with 2 sons and had a nervous breakdown due to Covid isolation which brought up painful past trials re SSA. Pray for healing, endurance, wisdom for myself and my therapists. Also if you know of any Chicago area SSA Ministries let me know please. Breakdown was 2 weeks ago.
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My friend's granddaughter, who is a teenager has informed her family that she believes she is gay. Her childhood has been total chaos with a mother who has chosen several men to be fathers for her children. Please pray that God will reveal to her that this is a sin and turn her from this sin in Jesus' precious name, Amen.
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For conversion of my inner Pharisee and the desire to know my desires and let God work through them.
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We pray for all those who seek Jesus' help in areas of sexual and relational fracturing; thank you God that you desire to love and transform every one of us!
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