Celebrate Andrew and Annette

For 40 years, Andrew and Annette Comiskey have faithfully initiated, built and (with the Lord!) sustained Desert Stream Ministries. Those who know them know that it has been a labor of love indeed, but not without sacrifice.

One of Andy and Annetteā€™s values for their children was their education and in this, providing for their college tuition. This came through student loans, which they continue to work on paying off.  Desert Stream does not currently have a retirement plan in place,so monies that they could be saving for that time are being siphoned into the loans. 

As a sign of appreciation of Andy and Annette, we would like to make a contribution to them that releases them from the burden of this debt and frees them to move into the decades ahead with a light load!

There are multiple ways to give.

Credit or Debit Card


You can send a check written to Desert Stream Ministries with a note that marks it for 40th Anniversary gift for
Andrew and Annette. Thank you in advance for helping us to bless this amazing couple!

Desert Stream/ Living Waters
706 Main Street
Grandview, MO 64030