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CrossCurrent by Andrew Comiskey
Price now: $10.00
CrossCurrent is designed for use in an open, Christ-centered support group for those beginning to seek grace and truth in their sexuality and relationships.

CrossCurrent Audio Series by Andrew Comiskey
Price now: $25.00
We are proud to make available an eight-cd teaching series based upon the popular CrossCurrent book. All eight teachings are done by the author of CrossCurrent, Andrew Comiskey. This cd series is perfect for those who lead a CrossCurrent group or for those that are just beginning their own healing journey.

Emotional Dependency by Lori Rentzel
Price now: $2.00
This booklet offers a comprehensive understanding of unhealthy dependencies in relationship and the path out of those dependencies. A must-read for anyone pursuing relational healing, or working with those who are.

Overcoming Sexual Immorality by Andrew Comiskey
Price now: $5.00
In this wicked and perverse generation, sexual immorality is on the rise as never before. In this teaching Andy Comiskey addresses this issue and how the believer can avoid succumbing to this perversity.

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness by Andrew Comiskey
(Book) 13 in stock
Price now: $13.00
Full of practical insights and scriptural support for anyone seeking to understand sexual brokenness and the pursuit of sexual wholeness in Christ. Andy chronicles the events of his departure from the homosexual lifestyle as well as using the examples of others.

Pursuing Sexual Wholeness Workbook by Andrew Comiskey
Price now: $20.00
This workbook accompanies "Pursuing Sexual Wholeness" and is a great aid for those who are far away from a healing group.

Strength in Weakness by Andrew Comiskey
Price now: $13.00
Telling real-life stories of despair, hope and lasting change, Andy lays out the foundations for healing from relational and sexual sin. Chapters focus on particular areas of vulnerability for men and women, on the battle over homosexuality in church and culture, and on the essential role of the church in ongoing healing.

The Cross & Homosexuality: A Prophetic Witness to the Church by Andrew Comiskey
Price now: $8.00
God is raising up a healing army to bring his Kingdom to the earth. But it is only lovers of God that we can be warriors for His purposes. In this 2-part teaching Andy show how Gods is equipping us in true holiness and true compassion so that we will have authority to push back darkness.

The Kingdom of God & the Homosexual by Andrew Comiskey
Price now: $10.00
This booklet is an amazing resource for pastors, lay ministers and those just wanting more information in the area of the homosexual struggler and their pursuit of freedom. It is a very helpful tool, helping the reader to understand homosexuality and how best to respond with grace and truth in the local church body.

Where Do I Go from Here? by Annette Comiskey
(Book) Out of stock
Price now: $10.00
*This book is currently out of print. We are in the process of updating and improving this resource.* Annette takes 25 years of ministry experience and answers the questions that wives ask as they walk through the difficult journey of dealing with their husband's sexual brokenness. Her timely booklet covers such topics as roots of his struggle, restoring trust, forgiveness, separation and divorce. With practical wisdom, Annette illuminates the road of healing and gives the reader fresh hope

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