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Desert Stream Ministries began in 1980. It resulted from Andy Comiskey's journey out of homosexuality and into his true identity in Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Annette, responded to their pastor's call to start a biblically based healing/support group in West Hollywood for men and women seeking Jesus in light of their homosexuality.

The one group became several groups, and Andy began to develop what is now the Living Waters program. Crucial here was their commitment to the local church, and their calling those they served into identification with Christ through His church. Andy and Annette found that those who pressed into an accepting, truthful church kept on the healing journey; those who relied solely on our more specialized services fell back.

Church integration also helped Desert Stream to see that the themes essential to the homosexual's healing were in truth keys to the redemption of any sinner. Honesty, willingness, confession, forgiveness, effective prayer for deep wounds and deprivations, and learning to set honorable boundaries with either gender applied to the whole church!

As a result, Desert Stream began to include other kinds of strugglers into our groups, including sexual addicts, the sexually abused, and those wrestling with marital problems. The healing of the homosexual became a prophetic witness for more traditional sinners! Key influences in the development of Desert Stream included Kenn Gulliksen (Andy and Annette's first pastor), Leanne Payne, John Wimber, the Exodus network, and Andy's studies in theology and psychology at Fuller Seminary.

The ministry expanded nationally and then internationally. Desert Stream currently has a growing number of our church-based programs in over 40 nations.

Through many years of serving the church through healing ministry, we at Desert Stream are more convinced than ever that Jesus Christ is the answer to broken humanity. May we continue to impart His healing, equip the saints, and proclaim His transforming love to all who have ears to hear!

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